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Pannekoeken Pan and 2 free mixes, 2 syrups (See below)

Pannekoeken Pan and 2 free mixes, 2 syrups  (See below)
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This deal is only good while stocks last.  It includes two large mixes that make 9 pannekoeken each (about 108 pie-sized servings) and two syrup mixes that make three cups each.  This is a $48 deal--200 servings and a quart and half of syrup.  And the pan.
Not valid with any free offers including any free syrup offers. 
See how quick and easy pannekoeken can be. 

Mix it in 3 minutes; bake it in 11.  Just add eggs and milk. 

You'll get an 11-inch nonstick pannekoeken pan and a large mix.  Each mix makes nine large pannekoeken with twelve servings.  That's 96 servings. 

Do the math and see what a bargain that is. 

A pannekoeken pan will make you look like a magician.  It puts on a show.  Its impressive.  It rises four inches above the pan like magic. 


Breakfast, lunch, & dinner 100's of possibilities!

Drizzle syrup on pannekoeken slices as you would French toast.  Load it with scrambled eggs and sausage.  Anything you can do with an omelet, you can do with a pannekoeken pan.

  • For lunch, load a pannekoeken with meats and/or vegetables and maybe add a cheese or white sauce.
  • For dinner, get creative.  In Minnesota, we found a chain of pannekoeken restaurants that served pannekoeken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner--like taco pannekoeken and shepherds pie pannekoeken. 

There are hundreds of recipes.  

Give it a try.  If you don't love it, you don't pay for it. 

We guarantee satisfaction.  If you're not delighted, you get your money back. 


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