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Raspberry, Boysenberry, and Other Berry Syrups

Raspberry, Boysenberry, and Other Berry Syrups


These are gourmet syrups for berry lovers.  Use them for pancakes, waffles, French toast or as ice cream or dessert topping.
  • Raspberry is the tartest of the raspberry family.
  • Blackberry is the next.
  • Boysenberry is the next.
  • Marionberry is the sweetest and most flavorful.
Elderberry is a bit pungent and is noted for its antioxidants.  Huckleberries are intensely flavorful and picked in the mountains of Idaho and Montana.  Chokecherries are wild and picked in the mountains of Utah and Idaho.  All of these berries are considered scarce and gourmet.

 Raspberry, Boysenberry, and Other Berry Syrups

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