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"The Easy Omelet Pan" with recipes

"The Easy Omelet Pan" with recipes

"If you like to make fabulous omelets, here's the easy way to do it."

"I love omelets, order them often in restaurants.  But I had trouble making omelets!   I couldn't turn them without tearing them.  They looked scrambled instead of like an omelet.

"So I bought five dozen eggs, enough for 20 omelets, and retreated to our test kitchen with books, recipes, and a video.

"Now after dozens and dozens of omelets, I can make good looking omelets in a skillet. But learning was way too much work and too much frustration.

"This pan is so much easier.  Unless you're going to own a restaurant, don't go through the frustration--buy the pan and avoid the trouble."--Dennis

"Fold the pan, not the eggs!"

Use this hinged pan to make perfect omelets.

            • Unique hinged design--fold the pan to make super easy foolproof omelets
            • No practice required: your first omelet is a "best" omelet.
            • Makes a large 4- to 5-egg omelet in minutes.
            • Complete instructions inclosed
            • Heavy duty construction, 11-inch pan
            • Easy care, nonstick finish with heat resistant handles

            Because it is so quick and easy, enjoy great omelets on your busiest mornings

            Since the pan does the folding, make perfect omelets every time. 

            Save! Add a just-add-water biscuit mix and a gourmet jam to your breakfast! (See above)

            Bonus #1: Save 50%! My Favorite Spatula!
            Bonus #2: Save 50%! The Perfect Omelet Whisk!

            Now that you're an omelet maker, what do you want to make?

            • Super easy cheese omelets. Just add cheese and optional ham or deli meat.
            • Veggie omelets. Saute diced veggies for 4-5 minutes and add with the cheese.
            • Fancy omelets--see the recipes below or a recipe book.

            Recommended Recipe Ideas

            Cheddar and Bacon Omelet

            3 slices bacon, fried and snipped into 1-inch pieces
            1/4 cup sweet onion, diced
            2/3 cup fresh spinach, packed
            1/2 tablespoon fresh parsley, snipped
            1/4 cup fresh mushrooms, sliced
            2/3 cup grated cheddar cheese
            2 teaspoons butter
            4 large eggs
            Salt and pepper, to taste

            Thai Chopped Peanut Omelet

            1 tablespoons butter

            3 large eggs
            1 tablespoons milk
            salt and pepper
            1/2 cup bean sprouts, canned or fresh
            1/2 cup cheddar cheese, grated
            1/4 cup chopped peanuts

            Serve with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce or other sauce of your choosing.

            Spinach and Ricotta Omelet

            3 large eggs

            a large handful of fresh spinach, chopped
            1/8 red pepper, diced
            3 tablespoons ricotta cheese
            a pat of butter
            salt and pepper

            Asparagus and Cheddar Omelet

            6 spears asparagus, steamed
            4 eggs, lightly stirred
            1/8 teaspoon salt
            1/8 teaspoon coarsely ground pepper
            1/4 teaspoon onion powder
            1 tablespoon butter

            Place the asparagus spears just off-center in the omelet. They should be long enough to sit slightly beyond the edge of the omelet.

            Serve with cheese sauce. The recipe follows.

            3 tablespoons butter
            3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
            1/4 teaspoon salt
            1 1/2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
            1 1/2 cups milk

            1. Melt the butter in the microwave in a bowl.  Add the flour to the butter and stir to make a thick paste.  Gradually add the milk, stirring with a whisk after each addition.  Add the cheese.
            2, Cook in the microwave on high heat for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes or until the sauce is bubbly and thick, stopping every 30 to 40 seconds to stir the mixture, about four to five minutes.

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