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Apple Pie French Toast

Posted by Dennis 19/06/2019 0 Comment(s)

Basic French Toast


Take almost any filling and make a sandwich—even peanut butter and jam. Then make French toast. That’s basic French toast. And it’s really good. The problem is, no one can resist experimenting.


The Apple Pie French Toast



This is basic French toast made with apple pastry filling. It doesn’t have to be apple and it doesn’t have to be a pastry filling. You could do peach or strawberry. You can use jam or a pie filling. You could add chopped nuts or dried cranberries to your filling.


Normally, we would use caramel whipped cream. It’s so good! But that looks like vanilla.


You can make caramel whipped cream like vanilla whipped cream: Substitute brown sugar for the white caramel flavor for the vanilla.


We always add a tablespoon or two of meringue powder to make the whipped cream firmer and retard melting.


French Toast Sticks



If you can make PB&J's, you can make French toast sticks! After all, these are just little sandwich strips filled with jam or other goodies and then dipped and fried like regular French toast.


Here's how to make them:


Make a sandwich, cut it into sticks, dip them in egg wash like you do other French toast, and cook them on a griddle. Turn them so that they're cooked on all four sides.


Make the sauce according to package directions, put it in pretty little ramekins--one for each person--and dip them like French fries.