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Choose a Buttermilk Syrup and Sauce Mix (Makes 24 ounces)

Choose a Buttermilk Syrup and Sauce Mix (Makes 24 ounces)

Here's how to make your pancakes and waffles exciting again!

Don't you get bored with maple flavor all the time?  Wouldn't you like to change it up--try some fantastic new flavors?    

These syrups make breakfast exciting again--like lemon syrup on blueberry pancakes or marshmallow syrup or butter rum syrup on sweet potato pancakes.

Choose a flavor for your favorite pancakes or waffles! Because there are so many, you never need be bored again. Read the reviews--these are very scrumptious syrups.  Breakfasts just got exciting at your house.

Give it a try! Watch your family light up with these new syrup and pancake combinations!

  • 10 flavors for you to try
  • Easy to make--just add butter and water
  • Make 24 ounces of yummy syrup--three whole cups--for pennies a serving
  • Made with an old-fashioned buttermilk base. The tangy acid is gone leaving only a sweet, smooth background.
  • The smooth, caramelly background enhances the main flavor. (Except for the lemon syrup which has a pure lemon pie flavor.)

"WOW!!! It was the best introduction to a most wonderful tasting syrup! I have since purchased many packages not only for my own purpose, but to give it as gifts. I absolutely love the taste and enjoy seeing other's expressions of delight when they taste it!"--Meledie Knopf

"Oh My Goodness, but this stuff is FABULOUS !!!! Easy to make and tastes Superb. Will be buying this again for sure!"--Jill

"I made this for pancakes and ended up using it for a syrup over a banana cake, it was just heavenly good!!!!! The best flavorful syrup I have ever tasted, I will be ordering more of this! Yummy!!!!"--Cyndee Bigness

Because there is no risk, give it a try! If these syrups don't make your breakfasts more interesting and exciting, we'll give you your money back.

This mix makes about 24 ounces or three cups of thick syrup.  You add butter and water.
  • Shelf life: 24 months.
  • Refrigerate any unused syrup and use within two months.


Syrup mix ingredients (Except for lemon.):  Sugar, dry buttermilk, corn syrup, baking soda, and natural and artificial flavors.  

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