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My Favorite Spatula.

 My Favorite Spatula.

You'll find lots of uses for "My Favorite Spatula"

This is our favorite spatula for getting in tight places--like slipping cookies from a pan or dessert bars from a baking dish.  There's nothing fancy about this spatula, its just a hard working, practical kitchen tool.  It's thin enough that you can maneuver cookies from a crowded cookie sheet and long enough that you can slip it underneath a cake to loosen it.  (It's eleven inches long.)  It's made of heat resistant (to 450 degrees) nylon so you can use it on hot surfaces and has a beveled edge to slip under foods easily.  It even cleans up nicely.  We think you'll like this thin little spatula. 

Baker's note:  The manufacturer named this "My Favorite Spatula", not us.  But we had to try it.  When we opened the box, we asked, "What makes this so special?"  It was too plain and too industrial looking--but we tried it and it grew on us.  Of all our spatulas, we probably use this the most.  It's narrow enough that you can turn meat in a crowded pan.  It's flexible enough that you can scoot it around the curves in your frying pan so it's perfect for stir fries and scrambled eggs.  And it's perfect for slipping your cookies from a baking sheet.  And the price is certainly right. 

This handy little spatula is the one you'll reach for often. This is our favorite spatula for getting in tight places--like slipping cookies from a pan or dessert bars from a baking dish.

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