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Easy Monkey Bread Mixes

Easy Monkey Bread Mixes


Monkey breads are irresistible.  Monkey bread is a finger food, a pull-apart ring, made with bread dough and covered with a sweet glaze.  Its easy to make.  Mix the dough.  Pat or roll it out on the counter.  Cut it into squares with a knife or pizza roller.  Dredge the pieces in the sugar mixture and load them in the pan.  Let the bread rise and bake.


The most popular and traditional monkey bread is the Cinnamon Sugar Monkey Bread. But my personal favorites are the Caramel Nut and the Sticky Bun.  (I dont know why the Caramel Nut only has four stars.  It must not have turned out right for someone.)   Dont overlook the Italian Garlic and Herb Monkey Bread.  It is my favorite TV food with marinara (spaghetti sauce) as a dipping sauce.

Dennis Weaver

 Monkey bread is the most scrumptious concoction on the planet!

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