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Mini Meat Loaf & Muffin Pan (Lower Fat)

Mini Meat Loaf & Muffin Pan (Lower Fat)
Product Code: TN4673
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Make healthier, individual meat loaves with this mini meatloaf pan.

You'll love this mini meatloaf and muffin pan set.  You'll make attractive, individual sized meat loaves.  For meat loaves, the top pan fits inside the bottom pan.  The perforated top pan allows fat and oil to drip away from food for healthier cooking.
Use this as a back-up muffin pan.  To bake a dozen cupcakes or muffins, use paper liners in both pans and set them side-by-side in your oven.
  • Double pan construction.  The fat drains from the upper pan to the lower for a leaner meat loaf.
  • Durable nonstick finish
  • Heavy duty metal to last a lifetime

Baker's note:  There really is a significant difference in the meat loaf when cooked in this pan without all the grease.  To give your meatloaf more substance, we recommend adding an extra egg to your recipe.

Make leaner, healthier, better tasting meat loaves, individual meat loaves for a very nice presentation. Perforations allow the grease to drain away. Use this pan also for muffins and cupcakes.


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