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How it Works!
With all the changes associated with the public health crisis, we have been getting a lot of questions from our local shoppers about when we will reopen the retail store in Rigby, Idaho. For now, the store is closed until further notice. We still are excited to keep everyone stocked up with their favorite pancakes, breads, and more by using Local Customer Pick Up. For those that can't make it to the store, there is free shipping available for orders $55 and above. Click here for details.
Step 1: Choose Your Products
Add your favorite pancakes, breads, and more in your cart. To qualify for Local Customer Pick Up, you must have a Shopping Cart Subtotal of at least $15.
Step 2: Choose Customer Pick Up at Checkout!
When you are all done shopping, click "Checkout". If you haven't logged in to your Prepared Pantry account, it's a good idea to do so now! If you would like to checkout as a guest that's okay too. Enter your billing information that will be used to process your payment. If your billing address is an Idaho, Utah, or Wyoming Address, you can just check the box that says "My delivery and billing addresses are the same." If by chance you have a billing address that isn't one of these three states, you will have to include a Shipping Address that does include one for this to work. It won't work unless you do this step. Also, remember that this option only works if you plan to pick your order up at the Rigby store in Idaho. There are no other Prepared Pantry stores anywhere in the world! After entering your Idaho, Utah, or Wyoming Shipping Address, a new Shipping Method will appear called "Customer Pick Up". If this doesn't show up, make sure your shopping cart subtotal is at least $15. Choose the Customer Pick Up option, fill out the rest of the details, and click "Confirm Order". If you have followed the steps above and for some reason you still can't find the "Customer Pick Up" option, please contact Customer Service at before placing your order.
Step 3: Wait for Processing
Yes, we know this is the hard part! Expect at least 1 business day of processing time before expecting to pick up your order at the store in Rigby. We will contact you when the order is ready to be picked up. When we contact you, we will give you further instructions on how to pick up your order.
Step 4: Pick up and Enjoy!

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