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Family Size Pancake Mixes

Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: Q36-1
Mayan Chocolate Chip Pancakes!  These are wonderful chocolate pancakes.Both Carrie, our production manager, and Neil, our database manager, insisted that the chocolate pancakes served at the national pancake chain in Idaho Falls were very good.  We were a bit skeptical.  Cho..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: Q67-1
Bring a little summer into your kitchen! Imagine sweet peach pancakes loaded with strawberry baking chips.  The pancakes taste like ripe juicy peaches and the strawberries are the perfect complement. And they're as pretty as they are luscious.  The strawberry baking chip..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: Q41-1
It's the easy way to make crepes. Just add milk and eggs. Serve with a filling, fruit, or as a main dish with meat and vegetables. Great for blintzes and torts. This is the crepe mix we use in our classes.Two pound mix Make as much as you want at a time Make 75 seven-inch crepes wi..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: Q70-1
Sweet Potato Pancakes! They're delicious and yet they're made with real sweet potatoes. They're a pretty burnished gold color but light and fluffy like pancakes are supposed to be.  Your kids will think they're great, even though they are better for them."Naturally Wholesome Pancakes" from a s..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: Q28-1
These are the Johnny cakes of Rhode Island fame and popular in the South.  They are pancakes with ground corn.  You cook them on the griddle.  They are light and fluffy but with a little more substance, making them a healthy choice. If you like cornbread or pancakes, you'll love corn ..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: Q30-1
Cinnamon goes well with most breakfast foods, and pancakes are no exception. These light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes come loaded with gourmet cinnamon chips that are outright bursting with flavor. You don't even need syrup with these. Though of course, there's nothing preventing you from loading ..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: QM71-1
These pancakes really do taste like lemon pie. The taste is sweet and distinctive, but not so strong that it wouldn't match up with your favorite syrup. They also make for crisp waffles that are a nice treat if you're looking for something different. They still need a syrup or jam though.  Mapl..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: Q35-1
This sour cream chocolate chip pancake mix makes a wonderful breakfast.These pancakes are made with real chocolate chips, vanilla, and sour cream. The end result is a nice light pancake that's just a bit sweeter than the competitions.  Ingredients: Enriched wheat flour (whea..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: Q37-1
These pancakes with their tart raspberry flavor and light fluffy texture, are to die for. Impress your friends or surprise your family with this gourmet breakfast mix. Every bite is loaded with red raspberry baking bits that melt when you cook them and stud the pancakes with bright rib..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: Q38-1
This mix is equally good to our scrumptious raspberry sour cream pancakes.  If you like blueberries, you'll love these pancakes.  They are loaded with blueberry bits that deliver fruit flavor in a light cream cheese pancake.  The blueberry bits are mini-baking chips made with real blu..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: Q05-1
These light and fluffy pancakes are as easy to make as they are delicious. Just imagine a plate full of soft steaming goodness before you, then dribble your favorite syrup on top of it. That should give you a reasonable idea what these are like.Made with more buttermilk than store mixes..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: Q42-1
Make crepes as easy as pancakes--and for not a lot of money!Make 75 seven-inch crepes with this mix. That's about ten cents per serving!These crepes mix up in a breeze. Just add milk and eggs and pour the batter in the pan.This is the easy way to make crepes. Just add milk and eggs. You..
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