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If you are a collector of salt and pepper shakers, check this out! We have plain and fancy salt and pepper shakers for you to look at. We also carry flour and sugar shakers. We use the flour shaker while rolling out pastry dough or you could use it for anything else you can think of. The sugar shaker is meant for powdered sugar. You can evenly distribute powdered sugar to your french toast or cake.

 We have practical and fancy salt, pepper, sugar and spice shakers.

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Stovetop Salt and Pepper Shakers

The sign of a great cook is to have everything within reach.  Dedicate these to your stove..

$7.48 $4.99

Flour and Powdered Sugar Shaker

We keep two of these handy in our cupboard--one for flour and one for powdered sugar--and reach for ..


Classic Pepper Mill and Salt Shaker

Class up your dinner table with this walnut pepper mill and salt shaker. This is the classic pepper ..


Rotating Spice Rack

This quality rotating spice rack looks nice and takes up little space.  This stainless..


Three-Way Adjustable Glass Shaker

The jar with a thousand uses.  You'll like this very nice jar and adjustable l..