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Kitchen Thermometers: Insta-Read Thermometers, Candy Thermometers, Meat Thermometers, Digital Thermometers, and More.

Use these thermometers for baking, for candy making, and for cooking.

We've got the perfect thermometer for your specific cooking needs.

Egg Perfect Color Changing Egg Timer
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Brand: Norpro Model: TN5903
Don't guess!  Know exactly how done your eggs are with this egg timer.  This is a nifty egg timer!  The color changes to tell you when your eggs are done.  And it's pretty exact with nice calibrations. Timers tell you how long the eggs have been in t..
Kitchen Thermometer
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Brand: Norpro Model: TN5980
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Brand: Norpro Model: TN1493
It's really frustrating to over-bake cookies or a cake.  With this, no more burnt cookies.  It's a timer that you can clip on your shirt or apron.  It's a freedom timer. Measures: 2.5" x 1" x 2" / 5.5cm x 2.5cm x 5cm Grips firmly to a cookware handle, apron and clothing for..
The Everywhere Timer
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Brand: Norpro Model: TN1489
It's really frustrating to over-bake cookies or a cake.  With this, no more burnt cookies.  It's a timer on a rope that you set and forget.  It's the freedom timer. This is the handiest gizmo ever.  Set it, put it around your neck, and forget it.  Go work in the yard.&..
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Chicken Little Timer
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Brand: Norpro Model: TN1483
This chicken will keep your food and goodies from burning! And it will look good on your counter.  It's cute and useful.  It has a nice loud ring, is easy to operate, and will run for 60 minutes.  It's about 3 1/2 inches tall. Times up to 60 minutes.Large e..
$8.99 $7.64
Brand: CDN Model: TCDNIRXL220
“The Baker’s Secret Weapon” is Your Guarantee Against Most Bread FailuresIf your bread’s not quite right, it might be the temperature. My culinary school text calls a good thermometer, “the baker’s secret weapon.” That’s’ because temperature is critical to bread’s success. If you want perfe..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN5972
Try this versatile candy and deep fry thermometer with the easy-to-read dial! Instead of a scale, this thermometer uses a large easy-to-read dial.  It's easy to see just what temperature your candy is at rather than watching the mercury rise.  It registers ..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN5973
You cannot be a consistent baker without one of these! Oven temperatures fluctuate! If the temperatures fluctuate, baking times will too.  You cannot trust your baking time without an oven thermometer.Use this oven thermometer to find out what the temperature really is in your oven. ..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN1470
This is the classic kitchen timer that your grandmother used. It's solid and dependable. What we like about it is that with a glance across the room, you can see how much time is left. This is the classic kitchen timer that has stood the test of time.   ..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN5983
Catch this hard-to-find candy thermometer! This is a serious candy thermometer!  It's a hefty 12 1/2 inches long and about two inches wide.  It's mounted on durable stainless steel, has a large easy-to-read face with readings for different candy stages, and an insula..
Reusable Turkey Timer
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Brand: Norpro Model: TN1472
End the guess work!  This pop-up timer tells you when your turkey or chicken is roasted. This pop-up timer is reusable up to 500 times.  Simply stick into the thickest part of the breast.  When the meat reaches 167 degrees, the timer starts to pop out. ..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN1481
This is the egg timer seen in  "Everyday with Rachael Ray"! This is a great little timer, one that you'll enjoy using and displaying. Solid and heavy duty to last a lifetime Attractive, brushed 18/10 stainless steel Versat..
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