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Thermometers & Timers

Kitchen Thermometers: Insta-Read Thermometers, Candy Thermometers, Meat Thermometers, Digital Thermometers, and More.

Use these thermometers for baking, for candy making, and for cooking.

We've got the perfect thermometer for your specific cooking needs.

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Egg Perfect Color Changing Egg Timer

Don't guess!  Know exactly how done your eggs are with this egg timer.  ..


Kitchen Thermometer

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$10.99 $7.99

The Everywhere Clip-On Timer

It's really frustrating to over-bake cookies or a cake.  With this, no more burnt cookies. ..


The Everywhere Timer

It's really frustrating to over-bake cookies or a cake.  With this, no more burnt cookies. ..


Chicken Little Timer

This chicken will keep your food and goodies from burning! And it will look g..


Professional Baker's Insta-Read Kitchen Thermometer by CDN

“The Baker’s Secret Weapon” is Your Guarantee Against Most Bread FailuresIf your bread’s not quite..


Candy and Deep Fry Thermometer

Try this versatile candy and deep fry thermometer with the easy-to-read dial! ..


Oven Thermometer

You cannot be a consistent baker without one of these! Use this oven thermometer to..


Classic Kitchen Timer

This is the classic kitchen timer that your grandmother used. It's solid and dependable. What we lik..


Deluxe Candy Thermometer

Catch this hard-to-find candy thermometer! This is a serious candy thermomete..


Never Fail--Electronic digital readout thermometer and timer

This nifty device does the thinking for you and tends your meat while you are busy.  It's the e..


Reusable Turkey Timer

End the guess work!  This pop-up timer tells you when your turkey or chic..


Stainless Steel Egg Timer

This is the egg timer seen in  "Everyday with Rachael Ray"! This is a grea..


The Digital Everywhere Timer

This is the freedom timer! With this timer, you are free to put a cake in the..


Soft Grip Silicone Meat Thermometer, Red

This is a great meat thermometer for the patio!This has a large dial for easy reading an..