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Gourmet Domestic Jams

Gourmet Domestic Jams

The finest in America's gourmet jams!

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Seedless Marionberry Jam,Pioneer Valley Gourmet

This native of Oregon is a cross between other blackberry varieties. Its distinctive flavor has garn..


Apricot Honey Almond Jam, Pioneer Valley Gourmet

The richness and vibrancy of apricots coupled with a touch of honey and slice almonds make this a ve..


Harvest Peach Cobbler Jam, Pioneer Valley Gourmet

"Why does this PEACH jam outsell strawberry, raspberry, and 18 other jams?" It's just that good..


Red Raspberry Jam, Pioneer Valley Gourmet

Everyone loves raspberry jam.  You'll find this is the best. Remember how great those fr..


Strawberry Jam, Pioneer Valley Gourmet

This strawberry jam has no fillers, corn syrup, or preservatives for an intense strawberry fruit f..


Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, Pioneer Valley Gourmet

This may be the best strawberry rhubarb jam you have ever tried!  The taste of yesterday brough..


Marionberry Jam by Pioneer Valley

It's made from fresh, premium marionberries from Oregon with no fillers or other fruit. This marionb..


Red Currant Jelly, Pioneer Valley Gourmet

We consider this seedless, gourmet jelly a real find and think you will agree. This is the best..


Peach Pina Colada Jelly by Pioneer Valley

It has been described as a tropical flavor, almost a hint of pina colada. "This is the very best ..


Cherry Bubblegum Jelly by Pioneer Valley.

This is your kids' favorite jelly. It makes the best PBJ's. It really does taste like cherry..


Berry Christmas Jam by Pioneer Valley

Take advantage of this very special holiday jam. This is a wonderful berry and kiwi jam--red and gre..


Gourmet Apricot Pineapple Jam by Pioneer Valley

You'll love this carefully crafted gourmet jam.  It's made in small batches with sweetened, fre..


Gourmet Black Currant Jelly by Pioneer Valley

You'll love this carefully crafted gourmet blackcurrant jelly. It's cooked to a precisely spreadable..


Gourmet Loganberry Jam by Pioneer Valley

Loganberries are cousins to raspberries but are the brightest, tartest, and most flavorful of the ra..


Huckleberry Jam by Pioneer Valley

As with many foods, the ingredients make all the difference. What makes Pioneer Valley jam so good?&..


Lingonberry Jam by Pioneer Valley

"I love lingonberry jam! I love tart jams and lingonberry is tart, almost pungent. It's a cousin to ..


Pioneer Valley Gourmet Bodacious Berry Jam

See what folks are saying about this jam!(Yes, this is a real life, unsolicited email.  We can'..


Pomegranate Jelly by Pioneer Valley

Pomegranates have such a sweet, distinctive flavor, and this jelly captures that magic.  This j..


Riotous Raspberry Jalapeno Jam by Pioneer Valley

"You've got to try this." - Debbie Debbie was right, this raspberry jalapeno jam is great.&n..


Seedless Black Raspberry Jam by Pioneer Valley

This is the best black raspberry jam that we have ever tried! A black rasp..