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Diego's Jalapeno Cheese Bread Machine Mix

Diego's Jalapeno Cheese Bread Machine Mix
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This is a robust bread, moist and with plenty of garden pepper flavor and a mellow background of cheese. We grade this a five out of ten on our heat meter - like a medium salsa.

The bread is made with real cheese and diced jalapeno peppers - bits of bright green with a fiery vegetable flavor.  It is a chewy, substantial bread yet with an open crumb.  This was very popular in our tests.  It makes terrific sandwiches.
  • Each mix makes a large loaf--nearly two pounds.
  • SAF yeast packet is enclosed.  You provide only water.
  • Directions and tips for perfect bread are included.
Editor's notes:  We serve samples from our test kitchen to visitors at our store in Rigby.  We tested this bread for several weeks by giving samples to visitors.  This was one of our most popular breads.  We also used it to make panini-type grilled cheese sandwiches which we also served.  (And we ate a ton of them ourselves.)  This is one of my favorite breads. ~ Dennis Weaver

This is a white cheese bread made with jalapeno chilies.


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