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This section is dedicated to helping you bake better bread. Here you'll find tools and ingredients--many of them hard-to-find or only available to professional bakers--to help you bake the best bread possible.

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 Here you find ingredients and other supplies to make great bread

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Extra Select Korintje Cassia Cinnamon (4 oz. - about a cup).

Smart Buy! Compare to Extra Select Cassia in 2.25 ounce glass bottles. This cinnamon will ma..


Wisconsin Buttermilk Powder (11 oz size)

This package contains about two cups dry buttermilk and will make six cups of butte..


Wisconsin Buttermilk Powder (11 oz size) ..

This package contains about two cups dry buttermilk and will make six cups of butte..


Professional Baker's Insta-Read Kitchen Thermometer by CDN

  “The Baker’s Secret Weapon” is Your Guarantee Against Most Bread Failures If your b..


Extra Fancy Saigon Vietnamese Cinnamon (Glass Bottle)

Great cinnamon makes a wonderful difference in your baking. This cinnamon has a ton more aroma an..

$6.99 $3.49

9 x 5-inch Professional Bread Pan

Use this professional pan for better bread! The right pan makes a difference!..


Baker's Barley Malt Flour

Use Baker's Barley Malt Flour (12 ounces) for lighter, fuller bread loaves. We use this malted barle..


Baker's Dry Milk (High-Heat Treated Nonfat) (12 ounces)

Baker's dry milk makes better bread. High-heat treated dry milk is a nonfat milk product but it h..


Bulk Caraway Seeds (7.2 ounces)

" This is a quality, fresh herb.  Get great caraway seed for less! The caraway seed is wh..


Bulk French Tarragon

There are many different types of tarragon, but the french variety is best for the kitchen. It is ve..


Cheese Booster (8 ounces)

Everyone likes cheesy bread or biscuits but it's hard to get enough flavor from cheese alone.  ..


Dark Rye Flour (2 lb package)

Dark Rye Flour is perfect for dark rye breads, artisan loaves, and other baked goods. Dark rye ..


Dawn Professional All Purpose Flour (50 lbs)

This is the best all purpose flour that we can find.  Dawn Food Products is a ..


General Mills Harvest King Premium Bread Flour (50 lbs)

Harvest King is an artisan bakers flour. It provides excellent results in all kinds..


Golden Raisins 21.6 ounces

Use these in breads, muffins, and desserts. Better fruit makes better baked goods. You'll love these..


Hi-Country Wheat Gluten (Economy Size)

" Extra gluten ensures a perfect texture in your breads--essential in rye and whole wheat recipes..


Imperial Golden Organic Quinoa Flour (18 ounces)

Quinoa is known for its nutrition content because it is so well balanced in its amino acids. The flo..


Imperial Golden Quinoa Flakes (16 ounces)

Quinoa is fmaous for its nutritional content. It has a pleasant nutty taste and imparts a nice moi..