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Ingredients for Muffin and Scone Recipes

Cookie Baking and Cake Decorating Supplies

Here you will find what you need for your favorite cookie recipes and for cake decorating. You will find:
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 You have all the tools here to make fantastic cookies. Even decorate them!

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Smart Buy! Compare to Extra Select Cassia in 2.25 ounce glass bottles. This cinnamon will ma..
Discover the gentle, complex flavors of a fine Ceylon cinnamon. You put a lot of time, effort, an..
Great cinnamon makes a wonderful difference in your baking. This cinnamon has a ton more aroma an..
There are a thousand things you can make with these chips.  For great cookies or muffins--a..
Based on 1 reviews.
Classic full-flavored Butterscotch Chips that will add delicious variety to your baking! My famil..
 It's amazing what little pieces of ginger will bring to your cookies, cakes, and desserts!&nbs..
$9.44 $6.81
"We put this package of sugar crystals together with cookie decorators (and their kids) in mind. ..
$10.49 $7.84
"We put this package of sugar crystals together with cookie decorators (and their kids) in mind. ..
$10.49 $9.21
" Try these heavenly, sweet white pears. From the Lake County area of California comes some o..
$14.69 $13.64
" Get these dried Fuji apples for your baking. You'll love these apples in..
$11.59 $10.49
Use these in breads, muffins, and desserts. Better fruit makes better baked goods. You'll love these..
$8.39 $8.39
   Add these to your favorite cookies. Don't miss these really scrumptious chips.&nb..
 Dried pineapple may be the sweetest fruit.  It packs a powerhouse punch in granola but wh..
" Honey is wonderful for baking.  It's a natural sweetener with its own delicate flavor and&..
$9.99 $9.49
Based on 1 reviews.
" We love the rich taste of molasses in our baking. Sugar is sweet but it doesn't carry a fl..
$7.89 $6.99
Better cranberries make better baked goods and these are truly better. They are cold processed cranb..
$8.91 $8.05
Based on 1 reviews.
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