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Smoking Hot Chipotle Cheese Bread Machine Mix

Smoking Hot Chipotle Cheese Bread Machine Mix

There's no bread like this bread--plenty of chipotle fire against a backdrop of real cheese!

This is another hearth bread that you can make in your bread machine--this time with premium chipotle peppers and cheeses.  We grade this a seven out of ten on our heat meter.  Compare it to a good hot salsa found in a grocery store.
  • Each bread mix makes a large loaf--nearly two pounds.
  • SAF yeast packets are enclosed.  You provide only water.
  • Directions and tips for perfect bread are included.
Editor's notes:  We serve samples from our test kitchen to visitors at our store in Rigby.  When we described this bread as hot, some declined to try it.  Some who tried it said that it made their eyes water; some said, ""This isn't hot.""  I think it is but April in our test kitchen says that its just right and will eat slice after slice.  But April likes hot foods. ~Dennis Weaver

" If you like smoking hot, full-bodied chipotle chilies, this bread is for you. There's fire in this bread--not so much that your eyes will water but plenty of flavor. If your eyes burn thinking about this bread try our milder chipotle bread.

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