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Cinnamon Chips Large (30 oz)

Cinnamon Chips Large (30 oz)

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See how to bake most everything better with cinnamon chips.

 Add cinnamon chips to breads, muffins, cookies, and pancakes. The following guide will tell you how to use them in your favorite recipes.

Ground cinnamon floats to the background in most recipes. It's a supporting ingredient. Cinnamon baking chips are the stars. You get a burst of cinnamon in every bite. And it's not ordinary cinnamon, it's Vietnamese. It's a totally different experience.

Being out of cinnamon chips is like being out of chocolate chips!

  • Add them to your favorite recipes.
  • Make the best banana bread in the neighborhood by adding cinnamon chips.
  • Make incredible zucchini bread with cinnamon chips.
  • Make your Saturday morning pancakes special by adding cinnamon chips.
  • Use the directions here to add cinnamon chips to your favorite recipes-- pancakes, cookies, muffins, and breads. You'll find hundreds of uses!

These are the best cinnamon chips you've ever had or we'll give you your money back.

If cinnamon is good in a recipe, cinnamon chips are even better. Add them to almost any recipe that calls for cinnamon and get a burst of cinnamon in every bite.

Here’s how to use your cinnamon chips.

Add cinnamon chips to breads, muffins, cookies, and pancakes. Use the following amounts. Always add them right at the end of the mixing or kneading process.

  • For pancakes, add 2/3 cup for each pound of pancake mix
  • For yeast breads, add 3/4 cup per loaf
  • For sweet breads, add 1 cup per loaf
  • For cookies, add 1 1/2 to 2 cups per 4 dozen batch
  • For muffins, add 1 cup per twelve muffin
  • For a sheet cake, add 1 to 1 1/2 cups per large cake

Try these cinnamon baking chips. Discover what you've been missing.

If you aren't thrilled with these cinnamon chips, we'll refund your purchase price.

Notes from the test kitchen

This is a "zero trans-fat" product.

The manufacturer intended this to be a multipurpose cinnamon chip--either to hold it's shape and create cinnamon nodules in the baked good or to be dissolved for a cinnamon presence throughout the loaf or muffin.

We have used these cinnamon chips extensively. They will melt if mixed too long.

If you want them to hold their shape, add your cinnamon chips at the end of the mixing process, the last ingredient that you add. You will then have nodules of cinnamon, sweet bursts of Vietnamese cinnamon.

It is recommended that you store these cinnamon baking chips in a cool place to avoid melting. We are not responsible for melted chips.

What People Are Saying

"This was the first time I have ever used cinnamon chips but it won't be the last. These are great! I added then to my pumpkin bread and wow, what an awesome taste! Everyone wondered what was different about the pumpkin bread and said it was SO good.

I have tried them in several other breads and cookies and they have been a real hit in everything.

If you love cinnamon, you really have to buy these chips. I have eaten them right out of the bag and just savored the taste. I have even put them on ice cream and OH heavenly! Got to go. I now want some vanilla ice cream with cinnamon chips. Bye bye."

— Terri

Ingredients: Sugar, palm oil, cinnamon, non-fat dry milk, and soy lecithin (an emulsifier). This product contains soy, dairy, and may contain trace amounts of wheat, eggs, peanuts, or tree nuts.

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Heat Warning


Please Note -

Chips melt at 94 degrees!

If this occurs, the chips can be broken and chopped apart and used.

The Prepared Pantry is not responsible for melted chips.




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