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German Pancake, Pannekoeken, and Mini mix, large 2 lb.

German Pancake, Pannekoeken, and Mini mix, large 2 lb.

Make German pancakes quicker, easier than pancakes!

Only 2 minutes prep time!

            • Stir together mix, milk and eggs--and stick it in the oven!
            • Quicker than a batch of pancakes.
            • A 2-pound bag makes up to 13.

            "When I was a young man, I visited my sister-in-law in Houston.  She was a great cook!

            "For breakfast that morning, I expected something special.  She made a German pancake with a thinly sliced apple added into the batter. She had added a teaspoon of cinnamon that complemented the tender apple perfectly.  It was heavenly!

            "I've been in love with German pancakes since!"--Dennis

            "Three ways to make the most scrumptious breakfasts on the planet!"

              1. Make a simple German pancake. Drizzle it with your favorite syrup.  Only $1.00 (see above)

              2. Try them with other syrup mixes for $2.50 each, regular $4.99!

              3. Add firm fruits like apple slices, blueberries, or cranberries before baking. Pile on soft fruits like strawberries and bananas after baking.  (See the Strawberry German pancake drizzled with lemon syrup.)


              What you'll need!

              • For the German Pancakes--any baking dish will do!
              • For mini pannekoeken-- a jumbo muffin pan. 
              • For Dutch pannekoeken--an 11-inch pannekoeken pan or an ovenproof skillet with a dish-like bottom and a very good non-stick surface. 
              Get an authentic Dutch pannekoeken pan for only $25 plus get $23 in free mixes.

              Get a top-quality jumbo muffin pan at a great price!

              Try it! Make really good breakfasts almost free!

              Your family will love it!  We guarantee it!

              Make German pancakes, Dutch pannekoeken, and mini pannekoeken all with the same mix!

              The directions are on the bag!

              Bonus #1

              Save 44% on syrup mixes! Only $2.50 each!

              Bonus #2

              Get $23 in free mixes!

              Get a pannekoeken kit with $23 in free mixes. You save 48%!

              Bonus #3

              Save up to 50% on more mixes!


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