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Royal Icing Mix

-20% Royal Icing Mix

    This is the icing that professional decorators use!

    Royal icing dries with a firm sheen. you can make fancy shapes with it for that special occasion cake or you can frost cookies for the perfect palette for painting fun cookies.

    You add only water.

    This will paint a large batch of cookies. It's a companion to our popular sugar cookie mix/


    How to Paint Cookies

    Both adults and kids will love painting cookies! Make sugar cookies with your favorite recipe or one of our sugar cookie mixes. Cut them out as you would for other cookies to decorate.

    1. Frost your cookies:After cooling, frost your cookies with royal icing or with powdered sugar icing with two tablespoons of meringue powder added.  The meringue powder will cause your icing to dry with a hard shell suitable for painting similar to royal icing.

    2. Paint your cookies:

    Use the food colors for paint. Professional food color gels are best; they are so concentrated that they cover well and can be diluted with water.  Use a drop of food color to several drops of water. There are over 40 colors to choose from.

    Use a watercolor brush and paint your cookies just as if you were using water colors.  For fine work, such as the eyes on a snowman or the star on a Christmas tree, use a toothpick to dab color on.

    You'll love painting your cookies!

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