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Deluxe Nonstick Frying Pan. Choose a 9.5-inch or 11-inch pan

Deluxe Nonstick Frying Pan. Choose a 9.5-inch or 11-inch pan

This is a better pan than a drug store pan!


It'll last longer. And you'll enjoy it more.  

Don't you get tired of the finish wearing down on your nonstick pans and having to throw them away before they contaminate your food and family? 

This pan lasts longer. That makes it better, healthier.  

  • Durable nonstick surface that lasts a lot longer than with ordinary pans.
  • It's "different and heavy--like a Dutch oven."  It's 1/4-inch thick aluminum  that conducts heat evenly and cooks better.
  • Polished, Mirro-bottom for quick heat conduction.
  • It's a very attractive pan with it's mirror-like raised bottom.
  • No heat sturdy handle.   

What's more important in your kitchen than a good frying pan?  It's something you use every day.  You deserve a better pan! 

"After several months of use--with kids no less--there is not a hint of a scratch in the nonstick surface."

"I'd pay that much for this frying pan.  This is different and heavy like a Dutch oven." --Mandi Cook

Since this is a better pan and it lasts longer, you're buying a better pan than other pans.

If you're not impressed with your pan, we'll give you your money back. Guaranteed!

Editor's note:

"I have several of these pans both at work and at home.  I love them.  They are the only nonstick frying pans I use.  And I bake with them!  I know, the handles aren't guaranteed ovenproof but they seem to be.  Very cool!  I make very impressive breakfast cakes and apple pies!"--Dennis Weaver

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