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Dad's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, Reg. Size

Dad's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, Reg. Size

Basic chocolate chip cookies, that are basically "ammmmazing."

“OH. MY. You guys! Your “Dad’s Famous Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies” are ammmmazing. That is the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had. Well done!” –Alissa D., Facebook

When you want just “a chocolate chip cookie,” get these cookies!

What’s the secret to these cookies?
  • They have loads of chocolate chips.
  • They’re really good chocolate chips.

But that’s not the secret. It takes more than chips to make a great cookie!

The chips are easy. We made hundreds of cookies trying to find just the right combination of brown sugar, caramel and butter. We didn’t get there until we quit adding vanilla. We bumped up the brown sugar—that gave us the right chewy texture—and then added a fabulous caramel flavor that we found in Chicago. That’s the touch we had to have!

Just to make sure, we served nearly all these cookies to our customers in our store. “Where’s the mix?” is the response that we heard over and over.

“Dad got this one spot on! No other commercial mix can even come close to this one. Thanks Dad!”-- Marsha

These may be “plain chocolate chip cookies” but they’re ammmmazing cookies!

We guarantee these cookies! If you don’t find them “the best chocolate chip cookies” too, we’ll give you your money back.

And because they’re guaranteed to be the best, you can make them for your family with confidence.

Since these are guaranteed the “best chocolate chip cookies,” give them a try.

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