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Baker's Bread Proofing Bags (each)

Baker's Bread Proofing Bags (each)

"My bread is rising much better!"

We use these bread proofing bags in our test kitchen for all yeast doughs. 

You'll make better bread, rolls, and sweets with proofing bags!

Professional bakeries proofing boxes or dough retarders to proof their bread, let it rise.  That creates a closed environment with a constant temperature and moisture level. It's how they make better bread.

You can do the same thing with reusable bread proofing bags. It's like putting your bread or rolls in a greenhouse. There are no drafts and no plastic stretched over a pan or bowl holding the bread down. It will rise higher with lighter, nicer bread.

"Love this. Best gift I got for the holidays. My bread is rising much better in this bag."--a customer on Amazon
They are much handier than greasing plastic and stretching it over the dough--no fuss and no mess.  The virgin poly bags are clear so that you can watch the dough rise and large enough to accommodate an entire batch of bread or a baking sheet of rolls.  Simply place the dough--either the bowl or pans--in the bag and seal it with a twist tie.  When you are through, fold the bag and store it in the cupboard.
You may also use these bags for storing flour, sugar and other ingredients.  The bags are large enough to use with 50-pound bags of flour.  (Flour will stale and dry out if left open to the air.) 

  • Food safe!  Meets FDA and USDA specifications for food contact.  (Never use garbage or recycled bags for food storage or contact.)
  • 100% virgin, high clarity polyethylene film
  • Heavy plastic, welded construction
    28 inches x 34 inches


Bread proofing bags are ideal for proofing bread, rolls, and pastries--any yeast dough. Simply place the dough in the bag and close it. The bag traps moisture and heat for an ideal "greenhouse" environment--perfect for light, airy bread.

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