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Microwave Popcorn Kit: Popcorn Popper bundle with 28 oz. Premium Popcorn plus a Popcorn Kit

Microwave Popcorn Kit: Popcorn Popper bundle with 28 oz. Premium Popcorn plus a Popcorn Kit
  • Pop better, healthier popcorn and save a bunch of money! 

    Over $10 in popcorn included.  

    You get the microwave popcorn popper, 28 ounces of Kansas City Popcorn Emporium Gourmet Popping Corn, and an Old Fashioned Caramel Popcorn Kit. 

    The 28 ounce package of popping corn makes 24 quarts of popped corn. The caramel popcorn kit makes about four quarts of caramel corn.  (The caramel popcorn kit includes the caramel candy mix.)

    • Healthier popcorn--none of the oils and artificial flavors found in the commercial packets
    • Large, 10-cup capacity so you can pop bigger batches
    • Safe, easy way to pop popcorn--in the microwave 
    • Save money and your popcorn will be better
    • Instructions and recipes included

    Bulk popcorn is better, cheaper, and avoids the artificial flavors, seasonings, and preservatives found in the little microwave bags. And it's so much cheaper that your popcorn popping bowl will soon pay for itself. Make light, fluffy popcorn without using oil and without the artificial stuff.

    How to Use Your Microwave Popper

    To make your popcorn, place about about 1/4 cup of popcorn in your popcorn popper. Set your microwave on medium high for 2 to 3 minutes.  Microwave ovens vary so listen to the popping of the corn to tell when it’s done.  Remove the popper from the microwave and gently shake the corn to aerate it.  Pop more corn.

    Tips for Success

    1. Don’t salt your popcorn before it’s popped.  Salt toughens popcorn.

    2. Don’t let your popcorn dry out before popping.  Keep it in a sealed container.  The popcorn in your kit comes in a zippered Mylar bag.

    3. Do not refrigerate unpopped corn.  The refrigerator tends to dry popcorn.  

    How to Spice Up Your Popcorn

    Looking to spice up your popcorn? Add any of these to your popped corn.

      • Garlic salt
      • Parmesan cheese
      • Thyme
      • Cumin
      • Oregano
      • Dry taco seasoning mix
      • Dry ranch seasoning mix
      • Lemon pepper
      • Cinnamon
      • Brown sugar, nutmeg

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