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Brand: Norpro Model: TN2318
Get the right whisk for the job--a professional flat whisk. A flat whisk is ideal for beating eggs and taking the lumps out of sauces and gravies.  Solid steel handle. NSF approved for industrial and commercial use and will last a lifetime in yo..
2 Cup Measuring Cup and Funnel Pitchers
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Brand: Norpro Model: TN3038
Pour Perfect Precision Pancakes, Muffins, and more"Do you know how many times in my life I wished had this!"--Nikki Huntsman Measure what you need Pour without dripping.It's got a thousand uses.  Even something like pouring salt in a salt sha..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3938
Be the first on your block to make a square cheesecake!What a great concept--a square springform pan! This is a great springform pan!  It is a heavy gauge, professional quality springform pan.  Use it for cakes and desserts.  With a removab..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3998
Sometimes it's outstanding to be square!  When everyone else is doing round, do square. Put regular round liners in square holes and get square cupcakes or muffins . . . or dinner rolls or cornbread or brownies or desserts.  We love to make ice cream cupcakes and most often use ou..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN261C
Here's how to make your kitchen brighter, more fun!These make the perfect gifts . . . or brighten up your own kitchen.Give her a gift that will brighten her kitchen and her day, one that she'll appreciate and use. And at this price, you won't break the bank.These are cute, they're pretty..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN1016
These are my favorite utility batter bowls.  I use them both in our test kitchen and at home and love them.  When I'm mixing by hand, I love them because I can grab the handle to stabilize the bowl.  I like the spout and I like the rubber ring on the bottom that grips..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN1017
I love these bowls! They are super nice!These are just like the white batter bowls but butter yellow and larger.They are my favorite utility batter bowls.  I use them both in our test kitchen and at home and love them.  When I'm mixing by hand, I love them because I can grab the handle..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3811
Use this pan for luscious chiffon pies, dreamy key lime pies, and any of your favorite pies with crumb or nut crusts.  While you want a dark pan to bake a crisp pastry crust, you need to reflect heat away from crumb crusts.  The bright stainless steel finish reflects ..
Five Piece Pie Crust Shield.
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Brand: Norpro Model: TN3270
Make a perfect pie every time. A pie shield means the crust is baked evenly and just right each time."I use a pie shield with each pie that I bake.  I routinely slip a shield over the crust every time a pie or crust goes in the oven." The top edge of the crust--along the rim of..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN1027
Make your own sweet or savory mini pies quickly and eaisly.  Use either pastry or pizza dough.little Hostess-type pies warm pocket sandwiches pastries piroshki turnovers calzones dumplings empanadas pizza pocketsRecipes and instructiions are included.. It's so simpl..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3087
This marble rolling pin is the best for making pies and pastries!  If you are serious about making pies and pastries this marble rolling pin is for you.When you make pies, pastries, and scones, you must keep the dough cold--cold enough that the butter in the dough does not melt and make thi..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3076
 The best stainless steel rolling pin on the market.This stainless steel rolling pin is the highest quality rolling pin that we have found and is certainly worth the price.  If you are looking for the best, this stainless rolling pin is for you. When you make pies, pastries, a..
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