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Brand: Pioneer Valley Model: J51
"I love lingonberry jam! I love tart jams and lingonberry is tart, almost pungent. It's a cousin to a cranberry but sweeter. I like it on my toast but I also use it as a condiment."--DennisLingonberries are native to Scandinavia and are hard to find in the US but they make great jam.Each ..
Brand: Pioneer Valley Model: J06
Try this thick, rich gourmet blueberry syrup made with premium blueberries.  It's bright, smooth, and flavorful.  It's made in small batches with only the best fresh fruit.  There are no fillers or preservatives.  It's the perfect addition to your morning pancakes ..
Brand: Pioneer Valley Model: J01
See what folks are saying about this jam!(Yes, this is a real life, unsolicited email.  We can't make this stuff up.)"I just had your Pioneer Valley Bodacious Berry Jam for the first time.  I will never be the same.  It is beyond superb.  It has changed my life.  I will ..
Brand: Pioneer Valley Model: J07
This boysenberry syrup is much better than what we find in the stores!We consider this gourmet syrup a real find and think you will agree. You'll find it thick, rich, and flavorful, and the perfect addition to your morning's pancakes or waffles.What makes it so good?  We think that it'..
Brand: Pioneer Valley Model: J08
This is the best fruit syrup that we have ever tried! You will love this syrup.  It's not too tart and it's not too sweet. It's made with no fillers or preservatives that would mask the flavors for an intense fruit experience.   We consider this gourmet syrup a real f..
Brand: Pioneer Valley Model: J09
Frankly, we went nuts over Cinnamon Apple Passion Syrup.   Pioneer Valley recently introduced this at a food show where it outsold all other syrups.  We know why.  We think you'll be passionate over this luscious syrup, too.Don't wait! This shipment will sell out fast.Try al..
Brand: Pioneer Valley Model: J11
Good elderberry syrup is very hard to find--and this is very good!If you ever find a great elderberry syrup, buy it.  Elderberries are hard to come by and elderberry syrup must be very carefully cooked in small batches to capture the sweet, tangy flavor of wild elderberries.  This elde..
Brand: Pioneer Valley Model: J17
"My mother used to make a plum jam that was fantastic.  This plum syrup is just as good." This syrup even looks great--bright and clear and purple-red.  It's sweet and flavorful and tart but not so tart that it overpowers the taste of the fruit.  Try this syrup on ..
Brand: Pioneer Valley Model: J46
It's like strawberry rhubarb pie in the morning. And just like in a pie, the marriage of sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb is delightful.We consider this gourmet syrup a real find and think you will agree that it's better than anything in your local store. You'll find it thick and rich and fla..
Brand: Pioneer Valley Model: J18
Pomegranates have such a sweet, distinctive flavor, and this jelly captures that magic.  This jelly is made with pure pomegranate juice. There are no corn syrup or other juice fillers.  It's not a tart flavor, but sweet and distinctive. You will fall in love with this bright red, clear pom..
Brand: Pioneer Valley Model: J22
"You've got to try this." - DebbieDebbie was right, this raspberry jalapeno jam is great.  We fell in love with it and we think you will too.Try it on your crackers.  Debbie loved it with cream cheese on crackers but you'll find it very good without the cream cheese.  Try..
Brand: Pioneer Valley Model: J23
This is the best black raspberry jam that we have ever tried! A black raspberry is a small, difficult to grow raspberry, its so deeply red colored that it appears to be black.  It has a deeper, fuller taste than the red raspberry with undertones of cardamom and dark ch..
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