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The Prepared Pantry

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Summerhill Irish Oat Bread Machine Mix for Bread Machines or Ovens

Life's too short not to explore the wonderful world of breads!With over 100 varieties, we sell th..


Hamburger Buns from a Sour Cream Onion Gourmet Bread Mix

Scroll down for directions for hamburger buns and baking in the oven.___________________________"..

$4.39 $2.99

Your Choice--Buttermilk Caramel Popcorn Kit (Makes about 1 gallon) Limit 1.

Treat your family to ooey, gooey caramel popcorn!Make it a party with popcorn!It doesn't get any bet..


Raspberry Snickerdoodle Cookies, Family Size--1 lb. 3 oz. Makes 30 2 1/2-inch cookies

Would you like to make the most popular holiday cookies in America even better?Made with real raspbe..


Raspberry White Chocolate English Scone Mix

Learn how to make fabulous raspberry scones that may taste better than those in a genuine English te..


Pancake and Syrup Combos! (pancakes with baking chips) (24 oz. pancake mix)

Now you can serve a stunning, magnificent breakfast even on a busy morning!These are panca..

$12.98 $5.99

Rustic Italian Pizza Dough Mix (Makes one 15-inch thicker or up to 3 thin crusts.) Limit 1. Online only.

Homemade pizza beats delivery!It's made your way, thin crust or thick and exactly with the toppings ..

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Raspberry Sour Cream Pancake Mix, (24 oz.)

Just how good are these pancakes? These pancakes are loaded with exquisite raspberry baking chi..


4-Pack: Black Russian Bread Mix (Pumpernickel) for Oven or Bread Machine

If you like that black bread served at Outback™, you'll love this!"I love Outback Restaurant™. That..


4-Pack Italian Country Bread Machine Mix

"The taste is wonderful, stupendous and perfect! My husband could not stop raving about it."--Lisa..


4-Pack San Francisco Sourdough Gourmet Bread Machine Mix

"This is an amazing bread mix." If you own a bread machine, you owe it to yourself to try this sour..


4-Pack Farmhouse Honey Wheat Bread Machine Mix

"I was raised in an old farmhouse with a big, square kitchen--bigger than most kitchens today--with ..


Italian Country Bread Machine Mix

"The taste is wonderful, stupendous and perfect! My husband could not stop raving about it."--Lisa ..


Anadama Bread Mix for Oven or Bread Machine

If you're a bread lover, you've got to put this on your bucket list!Now with more flavor!Anadama ..


Apple Pie French Toast from a Buttermilk White Bread Mix

Scroll down to see how to make Apple Pie Stuffed French Toast or another stuffed French toast.___..


Frosted Cinnamon Bun Coffeecake

"Absolutely Delightful!"This version is better than what we found at a local restaurant.It's a coffe..


Italian Herb and Garlic Focaccia Bread Mix.

You never thought that an Italian bread could be so easy.  And so good.Makes a large 15-in..


Kaiser Rolls from a Sour Cream Potato Roll Mix

Want to impress your family and friends at the next gathering? Serve Kaiser Rolls either for dinner ..

$4.49 $2.99