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Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M78-1
There's no bread like this bread--plenty of chipotle mellowed with real cheese!This is another hearth bread that you can make in your bread machine--this time with premium chipotle peppers and mild cheeses.  If you like chilies and a little fire, this bread is for you. We grade this a three..
Italian Herb and Cheese Focaccia Bread Mix (single pack) Italian Herb and Cheese Focaccia Bread Mix (single pack)
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Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: B03-1
You never thought that an Italian bread could be so easy.  And so good.Makes a large 15-inch breadItalian spice and herb packet includedCan be made on a 11x15-inch baking sheet or 14 or 15-inch pizza panEasy--bakes in 15 minutes with a single riseMakes great breadsticks, sandwiches, or spe..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M42-1
Want healthy breads? Don't sacrifice taste!Enjoy healthy bread that really tastes good. You don't have to sacrifice quality. It's lower in calories, lower in carbs, and loaded with whole grains but it's a wonderful bread that your family will love!Makes a large loaf--nearly two pounds--of good ..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M106-1
"This is simply EXTRAORDINARY bread!"Tucson Cantina bread is a traditional Southwest bread that works for both sandwiches and as a complement to a meal. Made with sour cream, a blend of Mexican spices, and cilantro. It's flavorful but not hot, an estimated "4" on a scale of 1 to ..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M36-1
These are the best hamburger buns!This bread machine mix makes great dinner rolls or hamburger buns.You'll love these soft, scrumptious rolls. Talk about versatile!  They are perfect for dinner and make great hamburger buns.Your family will love the combination of sour cream and sweet ..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M121-1
You'll love it because it's simple to make--simple down home goodness.Your family and friends will find this rich and garlicky monkey bread stunningly good.Serve it with marinara sauce or olive oil.Loaded with cheese and herbs, a very tasty bread that your whole family will love.Really easy hom..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: D77
See how to make the cinnamon bun sundae shown in the gallery.  Your family and friends will love this! After all, it's "the most scrumptious concoction on the planet."Imagine raised, glazed donut pieces covered in a melted sugar-cinnamon coating. No wonder it's so scrumptious!Each puffy mo..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M103-1
Potato bread is soft and moist.  Add a blend of Southwest spices and veggies and you have a great bread.  We added just a touch of jalapeno peppers, not enough to make it hot but just to add a bit of kick.  If you like flavorful bread like our Cheesy Salsa Bread or Diego's Cheesy Jala..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M112-1
This is a cousin to soft pretzel bread.  It tastes a little like pretzel bread.  It's got a chewy crust.  And it's lightly salted.  It's terrific!  Try it.It makes great dinner rolls, it makes a nice loaf of bread, and you'll make incredible sandwich and burger buns.It's eas..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: Q37-s
Just how good are these pancakes? These pancakes are loaded with exquisite raspberry baking chips that melt on the griddle for a crimson splash of color and a burst of flavor in every bite. (See the bright splashes from melted chips in the image here.)"I love this pancake mix. It's so easy and..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M60-1
You need a Swedish experience!  This is a fantastic bread!Now you can make Swedish Vanilla Almond Bread in your bread machine or oven.  This recipe is based on Swedish Egg Bread.  (You add one large egg to the mix.)   It's a rich, soft, egg bread not too sweet but touched wi..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M101-1
This bread deserves to be on your bucket list!  You've never tasted a bread like this before!This is not a sweet dessert bread.  It is just a little sweeter than other yeast breads.  (See the reviews.) This is incredibly good pumpkin bread! Imagine a warm, inviting b..
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