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Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M111-1
This is a moist, wholesome bread made with oats and other whole grains.  It has more whole grains--whole wheat flour and other cereals--than enriched flour and yet it's soft, moist, and chewy. Rolled grains, especially oats, meld into the bread during kneading and baking so that they're not not..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M77-1
This is an amazing bread with a fantastic kick   Depending on your taste, this is a 5 to 7 on a heat scale of ten--about like a medium salsa. If you want a great cheese bread with a little kick, this is your bread. This is my favorite bread for a grilled cheese sandwi..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M89-1
If you like whole-wheat bread, you'll love this choice.  It's made with whole wheat flour and four wholesome rolled grains (wheat, oats, rye, and barley) plus a generous helping of sunflower seeds. Because the grains are rolled, not chopped, they blend into the bread for a smooth, soft..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M17-1
Make a soft, plump bread that both kids and adults love.  This is our answer to the fluffy, soft loaves you find in the store.Country Farm White is a fine-textured bread with a combination of ingredients that makes the loaf especially tender and moist. It's more whole..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: PP46J
Product may melt due to weather conditions during shipping. The Prepared Pantry is not liable for melted chips.Are these the world's best milk chocolate chips?Bakers note:  This is a European-type chocolate.  Both the milk and dark chocolate chips are richer and darker than what ..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M66-1
This is a traditional New York rye bread chewy, crusty, and flavorful.   It is a medium light colored bread and has the distinctive taste of rye with or without the optional caraway seeds.   This is an exceptional bread mix.Make a great New York style rye bread in your own ki..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M84-1
"This is the best sandwich bread!" Made with real cheese.The #2 best savory bagel in the U.S. is an onion bagel. With the white cheddar, this is better.This is our favorite bread for a roast beef sandwich. Really, it's a great savory bread for sandwiches or with a warm soup.  Makes ..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: B46C-1
Homemade pizza beats delivery! Plus save a bucket of money! It's made your way--thin crust or thick and exactly with the toppings you want. The ingredients are fresh. Nobody will care for your pizza the way..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M30-1
Try this hearty, wholesome bread with the nutty taste of Montana cracked wheat.We laced this heritage bread with finely cracked wheat to create a hearty, wholesome bread.  Now, we realize that not everyone likes the kernels of cracked wheat in their bread--but we do and we think you will..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M68-1
Try this heritage bread, a flavorful sourdough peasant bread made with wholesome whole wheat flour.Refined flours and instant yeasts are modern niceties.  (Instant yeast wasn't available until the 1940's.) Our grandparents made wonderful, wholesome breads with whole grains and sourdough st..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M05-1
Serve this sour cream white bread to family and friends to make any occasion a special occasion.We worked hard to make this fancy bread mix just right.  We went through dozens of trials to get the perfect balance of ingredients.  Only when our testers said it was perfect were we sati..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M02-1
Enjoy this English muffin bread as toast or an everyday bread. I made this bread today and WOW what a delight. . . . Best breakfast in a long time.--Marsha This English muffin bread has the trademark texture, moist crumb, and rich taste of English muffins in the convenience of a loaf. Toasted..
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