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All Baking Supplies and Ingredients


Baking is both an art and a science but if you understand the science, the art comes easier.
Did you ever wonder what makes baking powder double acting? Or what the difference is between bread flour and all-purpose flour? Or how much honey you should use to replace a cup of sugar?

 Find all of our baking ingredients here. Make your baking easier.

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Asparagus Asiago Bruschetta

Use this Asparagus Asiago Bruschetta spread and dip for a wonderful treat on that special ocasion. ..


Baker's Barley Malt Flour

Use Baker's Barley Malt Flour (12 ounces) for lighter, fuller bread loaves. We use this malted barle..


Baker's Dry Milk (High-Heat Treated Nonfat) (12 ounces)

Baker's dry milk makes better bread. High-heat treated dry milk is a nonfat milk product but it h..


Basil Pesto by Elki

You'll love this basil pesto with fresh basil, garlic, and fine Italian cheeses! Toss this basil pes..


Black Olive Tapenade and Dip by Elki

This Black Olive Tapenade is wonderful as a dip and spread and makes wonderful appetizers. &..


Bulk Apple Cinnamon Sugar - 13.5 oz bag

Try this delightful mix of premium cinnamon, apple, and sugar. Sweeten your hot beverages with this ..


Bulk Caraway Seeds (7.2 ounces)

" This is a quality, fresh herb.  Get great caraway seed for less! The caraway seed is wh..


Bulk French Tarragon

There are many different types of tarragon, but the french variety is best for the kitchen. It is ve..


Bulk Pickling Spice

This spice blend can be used with vinegar to pickle cucumbers. It can also add complex flavors to st..


Butterscotch Chips for Baking (11 oz)

Product may melt due to weather conditions during shipping. The Prepared Pantry is not liable for me..


Candied Ginger (12 oz)

It's amazing what little pieces of ginger will bring to your cookies, cakes, and desserts!  If ..


Cheese Booster (8 ounces)

Everyone likes cheesy bread or biscuits but it's hard to get enough flavor from cheese alone.  ..


Chipotle Black Bean Dip and Spread by Elki

Try this Chipotle Black Bean Dip!  Spice up any occasion.  ..


Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting Mix

You add one eight-ounce package of cream cheese and a teaspoon of water and beat.  You can pipe..


Cilantro Pesto by Elki

Toss this pesto with hot or cold pasta, spread on seafood, make fish tacos, cedar planked salmon, gr..


Cinnamon Maple Sugar (13.5 oz.)

Try this delightful maple flavored cinnamon sugar. We were surprised--this was even better than w..


Classico Four Cheese Alfredo Sauce

In Parma, cheese-making is a time-honored tradition that has endured for seven centuries. Here, Parm..


Colorado Cattle Company Chipotle BBQ (5.5 oz)

You gotta love this smoky, spicy BBQ blend.?--Dennis Weaver This is the BBQ spice and rub to go f..


Colorado Cattle Company Lemon Pepper Seasoning (4.9 OZ Bottle)

This is another great seasoning from the Colorado Cattle Company. With this seasoning, you can ma..