Cupcake Corer (Ice Cream Cupcake Maker)--3-piece set.

Cupcake Corer (Ice Cream Cupcake Maker)--3-piece set.

It's easy!  You can convert your favorite cupcakes ice cream filled cupcakes.  And what a nice, cool surprise. 

Look what you can make:

  • Make chocolate cupcakes with vanilla ice cream centers.
  • Make chocolate cupcakes with rocky road ice cream.
  • Make vanilla cupcakes with chocolate mint ice cream.
  • Make vanilla cupcakes with butter brickle ice cream centers.
  • Make strawberry cupcakes with strawberry ice cream.
  • Make lemon cupcakes with lemon custard ice cream.

And many more!  The sky is the limit. 


This cupcake coring tool makes it super easy.

Step 1: With a quick twist, cut a core in the cupcake with the tool. Push the plunger button to eject the cupcake core.

Step 2:  Cut an ice cream core from a block of ice cream.  Use the plunger button to inject the ice cream into the core of the cupcake.

That's all there is to it--two simple steps.

If you wish, you can cover the hole with cake that you cut from the cupcake--add a plug.  We don't bother.  We cover the top of the cup with frosting so the hole is hidden.

Put your cupcakes in the freezer until you are ready to serve them. 

They're perfect for a party, delightful as a snack, and impressive as a dessert.

  • Plunger action easily discharges the core

  • Easy to wash and reuse as often as you need

  • No special ingredients are required 

  • Comes with interchangeable small and large corers with ejector for standard and jumbo cupcakes and muffins


Add this cupcake tool to your cart and make ice cream cupcakes for your friends and family.

But there is more that you can make with your cupcake tool.  Fill your cupcakes with these:

frosting pudding


jam ice cream
marshmallow cream whipped cream
custard caramel
pie filling

This simple tool lets you make all kinds of fun cupcakes. Try it today. We promise youll love the results.

Delight your family and friends with ice cream filled cupcakes.

Add this to your cart now and make all kinds of fun cupcakes.   

Just follow the simple instructions on the box. 

" Surprise! Delight your family and friends with ice cream filled cupcakes!"


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