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Ice Cream Tools

Ice Cream Tools

The Ice Cream Shop

At The Ice Cream Shop, you will find ice cream scoops and spades, ice cream sandwich makers, pop icicle makers, and more.

Don't miss our gourmet ice cream toppings. 

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Nonstick Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Scoop

Try this solid anti-freeze ice cream scoop! You'll love it..  This ice c..


The Ultimate Ice Cream Scoop with Scallops

This is the ultimate ice cream scoop--with scallops.  The scallops trap air po..


Creamery Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Spade.

This is the anti-freeze ice cream spade used at the creamery ice cream shops. ..


Ice Cream Sandwich Chocolate Cookie Mix

It's easy to make great ice cream sandwiches with this cookie kit! Homemade is better..


Ice Cream Spork, the Scoop with Claws

If you love ice cream, you should have a spork, a scoop with claws.  You'l..


Silicone Pop-Icycle Makers--Set of four

Make the kids happy.  Fill, freeze, and enjoy your own homemade treats.  Make them hea..


Norpro Ice Cream Maker

Love ice cream? Don't spend the time and money driving to the ice cream shop--make your own! T..


Creamery Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Scoop

Add this solid anti-freeze ice cream scoop to your collection! Weird, was our..


Cupcake Corer (Ice Cream Cupcake Maker)--3-piece set.

It's easy!  You can convert your favorite cupcakes ice cream filled cupcakes.  And what a ..


Deluxe Quick Release Ice Cream Scoop (Large)

This is the original, spring action ice cream scoop. We use this for muffins and large cookies! ..


Deluxe Quick Release Ice Cream Scoop (Small)

This is the original, spring action ice cream scoop.   This ice cre..


Extra sticks for the Frozen Treat Maker (100 sticks)

Make lots of treats!  Get extra sticks. These wooden sticks have many uses. They..


Frozen Pop-Icicle Treat Maker with 2 dozen sticks plus100 extra sticks

Make them exactly as you want.  Make them out of punch, soda pop?any beverage.  Make them ..


Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Stock up your freezer with really great ice cream sandwiches! It's easy and it's fun. Use the re..


Ice Cream Sandwich Maker with a Free Mix for Your Cookies

You get a free mix with which to make your cookies for your ice cream sandwiches. Stock up your ..


Ice Cream Scoop with Grip Ease Handle

This is a big, heavy duty ice cream scoop with a soft, easy to use handleIf you lov..