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Ice Cream Sandwich Maker with a Free Mix for Your Cookies

Ice Cream Sandwich Maker with a Free Mix for Your Cookies
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You get a free mix with which to make your cookies for your ice cream sandwiches.

Stock up your freezer with really great ice cream sandwiches!

It's easy and it's fun. Use the recipes that come with the tool kit or our ice cream sandwich cookie mix to get you started. Then use your imagination and the ice creams at your grocery store to explore all kinds of ice cream sandwiches.   

Here is everything you need to make your own ice cream sandwiches. It comes with a cookie cutter for making rectangular cookies. The dimensions of the cutter and mold are 5 x 3 x 2.5 inches.

  • Place a cookie in the tool, then the ice cream, and then another cookie for the top. 
  • With the tool, press the cookies and ice cream together into a nice neat sandwich.

You will get a free mix with this tool to make the cookies for your sandwiches. They will come out just like from the store only with crisp thin wafers that aren't gooey to touch. And choose your favorite ice cream to make your own creations.

With this tool, you're not limited to chocolate wafers; you can use your favorite cookies, even brownies and bar cookies. Sugar cookies work great.  That gives you an unlimited horizon to work with. 

This is a unique offering from The Prepared Pantry. Give it a try. Make ice cream sandwiches like you've never made before. Stock up the freezer and delight your kids and impress your friends.
Give this a try and discover how great ice cream sandwiches can be. 
" Have the best ice cream sandwiches ever in your freezer!"


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