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Teton Valley Gourmet Granola Mix. Large 2 lbs. size

Teton Valley Gourmet Granola Mix. Large 2 lbs. size

How do you make the best granola ever?

You make it yourself where it's fresh, warm, and a little sticky!

Most of us have never tasted anything but stale, three- week (or older) granola.  That's because no one sells same day granola. (If they did, they would make a fortune.) 
Now you can make your family just-made granola.  They'll love it.  Make what you need and save the rest for another day.
Because your family will love it, make the switch!
  • Easy to make!  Just follow the instructions: Mix, stir, and put it in the oven. 
  • Add whatever else you like from dry fruit to candy. 
  • Made with the right blend of flavors and rolled grains (oats, barley, rye, and wheat) and plenty of sunflower seeds.  

    You'll have fun with this granola! Top it with sliced bananas or fresh fruit and pour cold milk over it like a cereal.  Use it for a snack.  Take it camping.  Add chocolate pieces and you have a great trail mix.

      Because fresher is always better, switch to homemade granola today. 

      And if you don't love it as much as we do, we'll give you your money back.

      See what others say!

      • "I added raisins, cranberries, sliced almonds and flaked coconut to the granola mix. It was delicious right out of the baggie, in warm milk, on top of yogurt, as a bread topping or as a cold cereal. We thought it was wonderful!"--Tracy
      • "The variety of different oats, sunflower seeds and sweetener with spice is a perfect blend and so easy to customize with favorite add ins of almonds and coconut cubes."--Sara M


      Ingredients: Rolled cereal blend (wheat, rye, oats, barley, and sunflower seeds), sugar, whole grain oat flour, sunflower seeds, natural and artificial flavors, spices, and salt. This product contains wheat and may contain traces of soy, nuts, dairy and egg products.


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