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Cereal & Granola

Cereal & Granola


Nothing quite matches a bowl of hot wholesome cereal or a bowl of hearty granola in the morning.  Here you will find some wonderful cereal blends for your breakfast table or for baking.  Plus you will find the best granola mix anywhere--an easy mix that makes great granola with clumps.

Cereals for hot breakfast cereal plus granola

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Teton Valley Gourmet Granola Mix. Large 2 lbs. size

How do you make the best granola ever?You make it yourself where it's fresh, warm, and a little stic..


Mountain Harvest Whole Grain Rolled Cereal

This makes great morning cereal . . . but it's also a heathy wonderful addition to your bread baking..


Quick Rolled Oats (50 lbs)

These are the quality rolled oats that we use in our test kitchen and in our mixes. These are the sm..


Teton Valley Whole Grain Cereal Blend (large 2 lbs 4 oz)

This 6 grain mix makes wonderful multi-grain bread.  We use this breakfast cereal mix for b..