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French Bread Mix

French Bread Mix
Product Code: M95-1
Availability: In Stock
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It's easy! Make French bread in your bread machine--just like any other bread. But you'll make an amazing bread with an authentic French bread taste and with a crisp, chewy crust. Your friends will think you went to the bakery but it will be fresh, and it will be yours.  
Imagine!  Set your machine and have fresh, warm French bread ready for dinner when you get home. 
Each mix makes a tall, light loaf--a two-pound size but light and airy. 

You can also make this mix in your oven.

Add this mix to your cart.  Give it a try. We promise you'll love it.

Note: This mix has not been tested with zojirushi bread machines. 


Amazing! Now you can make wonderful French bread--in your bread machine.


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