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Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness

Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness

We live in complex and perilous times. Whether it is a natural disaster, a national disaster, or a neighborhood disaster, our food supply could be disrupted.  We buy insurance for our home, our car, and our lives but something as essential as food--we often leave overlooked.

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The following items are recommended for food storage.  The mixes do not contain nuts or other quickly perishable items and should last several years under proper conditions.  (We have mixes stored for four years with no noticeable deterioration.  They are stored in a cool spot in our basement.)  The mixes are packaged in Mylar which is a 500 times better oxygen barrier than plastic packaging.

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Use Baker's Barley Malt Flour (12 ounces) for lighter, fuller bread loaves. We use this malted barle..
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It  comes in a Vista? resealable zipper bag.  Vista bags have a nylon oxygen barrier that ..
Try this delightful mix of premium cinnamon, apple, and sugar. Sweeten your hot beverages with this ..
Use this rice for sushi, steamed rice, and Asian dishes.  This is a premium rice with s..
Try this delightful maple flavored cinnamon sugar. We were surprised--this was even better than w..
Turbinado sugar is one of our favorite sweeteners. Since these turbinado sugar crystals are les..
This spice gives an extra kick to any meal. Add it to your favorite pizza or any other food. For som..
Dark Rye Flour is perfect for dark rye breads, artisan loaves, and other baked goods. Dark rye ..
This is the best all purpose flour that we can find.  Dawn Food Products is a ..
We fully endorse this flour.   This is the best, most c..
Gold Medal Stone Ground Flour is ideal for all kinds of whole wheat baked products. ..
Harvest King is an artisan bakers flour. It provides excellent results in all kinds..
" Extra gluten ensures a perfect texture in your breads--essential in rye and whole wheat recipes..
Quinoa is known for its nutrition content because it is so well balanced in its amino acids. The flo..
Quinoa is fmaous for its nutritional content. It has a pleasant nutty taste and imparts a nice moi..
Use this rice for sushi, steamed rice, and Asian dishes. This is a premium rice with superior flav..
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