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Slicers & Mandolines

Slicers & Mandolines
Tools and Equipment for Cheese Lovers!

Here you will find the tools and equipment for slicing, grating, and serving great cheeses--everything from domes to graters, to drums, to slicers to planes.  You'll love your cheese tools.
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 We have graters, slicers, domes, mandolines, and much more!

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Strawberry, Mushroom, and Egg Slicer.

Cut your prep time in half. Make better looking, professional desserts.Make better loo..


Spiralizer: Triple Spiral Slicer

See the video and get the recipe book below. Now you can make fast, fun meals with the twist of h..


Classy Marble Cheese Slicer

Cut neat, uniform slices with this marble cheese slicer. The marble slab is 8 x 5-inches. The cuttin..


Deluxe Avocado Slicer

Use this deluxe avocado slicer to create perfect slices without a mess! Creat..


Deluxe Mandoline Slicer and Grater

With this Deluxe Mandoline Slicer and Grater you can make anything from French fries to shoestring v..


Jumbo Three Drum Grater

A drum grater is the quickest way to grate cheese, nuts, vegetables, and more. ..


Mandoline Slicer and Grater

Use this nifty kitchen tool to slice, grate, or shred your vegetables and fruits, even meats.  ..


Soft Cheese Slicer

This soft cheese slicer is the easiest way to cut uniform cheese slices. Ever..