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Ramstadt Rich Dark Cocoa--Lg.16 oz.

Ramstadt Rich Dark Cocoa--Lg.16 oz.
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Bake everything chocolate better!

This cocoa is guaranteed to make your chocolate baking better.

  •     "I didn't really believe this cocoa could make THAT much of a difference, but boy was I wrong!" - Susan R.
  •     "I was astounded at the difference between this and other cocoa." - Jan
  •     "This stuff is AMAZING...cannot live without it!" - Sharon Meeuwsen
  •     "What a difference [this cocoa] has made in my baking!" - Ann in CA
  •     "An absolute must in all my baking." - K.B. in Ohio
  •     "Awesome stuff! . . . a whole new take in baking!" - Chris in OK


Why does this make everything better?  

It has three times the cocoa butter. Cocoa butter makes an amazing difference--and this has about three times the cocoa butter as the national brand. It has 22-24% compared to 8-10%.

You get a full pound so ounce-for-ounce, it may be less than the natiional brand.  

  •     16 ounce zipper pack. Most packages in the grocery store are 8 ounces. This is twice that size.
  •     Packaged in Mylar to protect your product and keep it fresh
  •     22 to 24% cocoa butter compared to 8% for most grocery store cocoa

We guarantee that it will take your baking to another level. If you’re not pleased, we’ll give you your money back.

But don't waste your money on the 8-10% cocoa.  It's not worth the few pennies difference.

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Images from top to bottom:

1.) Molten Lava Cake (main image)

2.) Legendary Flourless Chocolate Cake

3.) Brownie Banana Split

4.) Chubby Cherry Brownies made with Uncle Bob's Brownies, baked in a red silicone springform pan, and topped with Chubby Cherry Topping and Filling.  The chocolate sauce is Chocolate Designer Dessert Sauce.



Allergen and gluten-free notes:  This fine product is processed in Europe and packaged in our facility where there is wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, and nuts.  Management takes great care to avoid cross contamination and believes that the product is well below the threshold for "gluten free" designation but has not tested for such.  It is not processed on shared equipment.


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