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Perfect Pizza Flour Blend--Bulk Pizza Mix (Large 3.15 lb size)

Perfect Pizza Flour Blend--Bulk Pizza Mix (Large 3.15 lb size)
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Perfect Pizza Flour Blend--Bulk Pizza Mix (Large 3.15 lb size)

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Here's how to make a restaurant quality pizza from scratch!

The secret is in the flour!

  • A professional blend of flours used by the pros.
  • Perfect for both thin and thick crusts.
  • Makes a soft, easy-to-use dough without "springback."
  • Guaranteed. Tested with thousands of pizzas.
  • Easy to use directions included.  

This is a professional blend of flours and enhancers just as a fine restaurant would use. it makes a soft, easy dough that you can form into thin or thick crust pizzas with very little spring back.  Roll it as thin as you like.

This blend is made with artisan flours, semolina flour, pizza dough enhancers, and a touch of baking powder for a little extra rise and crispness.

Use this as a bulk pizza mix, measuring out just what you need for a thin or thick crust.  It's economical and it's easy.  You add only water, oil, and yeast.

Each Mylar-lined, zippered bag contains 3.15 pounds of blend (over 10 cups), enough to make seven large thin crust pizzas or four thick crust pizzas (14 to 15 inches each).

How to Make a Pizza in 15 minutes
This mix is designed especially for thin crust pizzas.  Thin crust pizzas require a soft, pliable dough without lumps that can be rolled out so that it's very thin and can quickly be baked to a crisp. 
This mix has a secret ingredient that makes the dough so soft that it has virtually no springback for smooth, uniform crusts without shrinkage.  But it also makes a great deep dish pizza and calzones too.
"Debbie makes great thin crust pizzas with this mix.  She uses only half the mix for each 15-inch pizza.  She usually uses white sauce and less cheese and fresh veggies.  The crusts come out thin and crisp and the pizzas are delightful.  Many of her recipes are available on our site." --Dennis
This mix is very authentic, reminiscent of the great pizzerias of Italy.  It makes a wonderful, light dough with just a touch of whole grain flour, a nice texture and taste.
"I made calzones last night and they were great!" -- PC 
"We love your pizza mix.  My husband has been making great pizzas." -- ST

"How to" images:
  • The top image is of a thin crust pizza.    
  • The second image is of a thicker crust pizza with fresh veggies. 
  • The next is of a breakfast pizza.  It was made on a thin crust. The eggs and the bacon were cooked before the crust.  Cheese was added before baking.  The pizza cooked in only a few minutes. 
  • The final image is of a calzone.  

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