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Classic English Muffin Mix (3 lb bulk bag)

Classic English Muffin Mix (3 lb bulk bag)
Classic English Muffin Mix (3 lb bulk bag)

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Make English muffins for your family and friends!  Now you can make English muffins just like the restaurants'--only better.  And it's easy.  This is how you do it.
  1. Mix the batter according to directions.  You will add only water and a bit of shortening.  Stir until blended, cover and let rest for about 40 minutes.  This will give the yeast included in the mix a chance to work. 
  2. Heat your griddle.  Place English muffin or other rings on the griddle. 
  3. Scoop a third of a cup of batter into each ring.  Let them cook for about eight minutes and then turn them over.  When done, pop the rings off and you have genuine English muffins.  You're ready to place the rings on the griddle and start another batch.
Your English muffins will have the trademark texture, moist crumb, and rich taste of English muffins but they will be better because you made them.   Toasted, they will have lots of crunch. Try them for breakfast with your favorite honey.  We like strawberry rhubarb, peach, and pomegranate honey but pick your favorite honey.
This makes great summer bread since you don't have to turn the oven on.  You can also make them camping and on vacation.


Homemade is always better! It's easy to make English muffins with this mix. Mix, then rest, then cook on the griddle like pancakes. This large mix makes 27 English muffins so it is very economical.