Featured Bread Mixes

Featured Bread Mixes
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Italian Country Bread Machine Mix

"The taste is wonderful, stupendous and perfect! My husband could not stop raving about it."--Lisa..


Buttermilk Wheat Bread Machine Mix

When you want a lighter wheat bread, this is your bread mix. Even your kids will like this bread...


4-Pack Heritage Wheat Bread Machine or Oven Mix

Fall in love with this great, classic whole wheat bread mix. You will find this a wonderful whole..


French Peasant Bread Machine Mix

Peasant breads are rustic affairs reflecting the countryside and the hearty natural grains found the..


Old World Whole Grain Sourdough Bread Machine Mix

European sourdough is a little different flavor than San Francisco sourdough--a very nice flavor b..


San Francisco Sourdough Gourmet Bread Machine Mix

This is an amazing bread mix. If you own a bread machine, you owe it to yourself to try this sourdou..


Four Grain Country Wheat Bread Machine Mix

If you like whole wheat bread, you'll love this choice.  It's made with whole wheat flour and f..