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European Style Bread Mixes

Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M104-1
Take a trip to Italy on us. We think you will love this simple artisan bread.   Our Italian Country Bread is a soft, chewy artisan bread made with a pre-ferment that gives it just a touch of country sour, the same pre-ferment used in ciabatta b..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M69-1
If you like that black bread served at Outback™, you'll love this!   This bread-mix makes a wonderfully unique Pumpernickel loaf that is sure to catch peoples attention. Despite the dark color, Black Russian bread is actually relatively light but is still robust, full-bodied and ..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M95-1
It's easy! Make wonderful French bread in your bread machine.   But you'll make an amazing bread with an authentic French bread taste and with a crisp, chewy crust. Your friends will think you went to the bakery but it will be fresh, and it will be yours. Imagine! Set y..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M59-1
If you like soft, white bread but want something different, give this bread a try.  It's splendid!This soft white bread is amazing! It's different--you add an egg! And folks sure like it."This is an amazing eggy type bread. Perfect balance of bread interior to crust."Just wonderf..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M102-1
This is a fine European sourdough, a French sourdough!Saint Gilles Croix de Vie is a resort town in the west of France.  With roots back to the ninth century, this sleepy fishing village has parlayed its clear waters, sandy beaches, and mild climate into a destination of tourists.  But it ..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M55-1
See why this bread has been popular in England for generations.Anadama is an old English bread, a proven bread handed down for generations.  You really don't want to miss this. Makes a large loaf--nearly two pounds--of homemade heritage breadSAF yeast packet included!Makes perfect bread i..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M110-1
You'll love this whole-grain artisan bread!Peasant breads are rustic affairs reflecting the countryside and the hearty natural grains found there.  Peasant bread is made with whole grains but is still a moist, delightful bread that still captures the malty, yeasty flavors of the country.  ..
Brand: The Prepared Pantry Model: M13-1
"We just tried the tomato basil bread and it was incredible!"   We think you will find this bread incredible too.  This will be one of your favorite breads.  Imagine a crusty Mediterranean bread loaded with sun-dried tomatoes and sweet basil. With this easy mix, you will mak..
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