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Strawberry, Mushroom, and Egg Slicer.

Strawberry, Mushroom, and Egg Slicer.

Cut your prep time in half. Make better looking, professional desserts.

Make better looking desserts and dishes in less time.  

We use these slicers in our test kitchen all the time.  We cut strawberries, mushrooms, eggs, and olives.  It's much faster than using a knife and very attractive.  

    • Not just for hard boiled eggs and mushrooms, also use it on strawberries, kiwis, olives and more.
    • Cut clean and perfect slices every time.
    • 9 uniform slices quick and easy.
    • Made of hard white plastic with non-skid rubber bottom for stability and stainless steel wires.
    • Hand wash.

    "We use these slicers in our test kitchen all the time.  We cut strawberries, mushrooms, eggs, and olives.  It's much faster than a knife and creates very attractive desserts and dishes.

    "I've never timed it, but I'm guessing that a strawberry slicer cuts your prep time in half. But what I really like is the attractive appearance of my desserts.  I always cut my berries from top to bottom, not crosswise, to give my berries a nice vertical profile, I think they look better that way and my desserts more professional."

    The Easy Way to Make a Great Pie Crust!

    Use a just-add-water pie crust mix, the same mix that many pie shops use, and then form it as shown.

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