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Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit


Check the quality and compare!  Check the size and compare!  These are not the typical three or six ounce packages.



Here you will find premium dried fruit especially selected for baking.

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Candied Ginger (12 oz)

 It's amazing what little pieces of ginger will bring to your cookies, cakes, and desserts!&nbs..


Dried Lake County Pears

Try these heavenly, sweet white pears. From the Lake County area of California comes some of the..


Dried Sweet Fuji Apples (choose your size)

Get these dried Fuji apples for your baking. You'll love these apples in your..


Golden Raisins 21.6 ounces

Use these in breads, muffins, and desserts. Better fruit makes better baked goods. You'll love these..


Hawaiian Pineapple Granules

 Dried pineapple may be the sweetest fruit.  It packs a powerhouse punch in granola but wh..