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Cozy Cup Warmer, the Warmer that Works

Cozy Cup Warmer, the Warmer that Works
Cozy Cup Warmer, the Warmer that Works

No more tepid nasty coffee!

Most coffee warmers don’t work very well.

Remember the McDonald’s lawsuit where a customer dropped hot coffee in her lap? The mug warmer guys took note and ratcheted down their wattage. Most cup warmers just don't have enough wattage to keep things warm.

This one has 24 watts, not ten or fifteen. That’s enough wattage to keep your coffee warm for about four hours depending on the mug. It won’t take a cold cup and warm it up. But that’s far better than the ten and fifteen watt guys.

We sell tons of these cup warmers. This warmer is one of our best-selling products. We have tested it thoroughly and are confident in its performance.

Whether it's morning coffee, a cup of cocoa, or soup for lunch--keep it hot with this Deluxe Cozy Cup Warmer. This is an attractive, heavy duty cup warmer built with a solid ceramic base. You'll love this cup warmer.

  • UL approved
  • A 24 watt heating element to keep your mug nice and warm
  • A nonstick heating element so you can easily clean up those spills
  • A neon indicator light so that you can tell at a glance if your mug is hot
  • Easy on / off switch
  • Tough construction to last a lifetime
  • Attractive, heavy, ceramic base.

This makes a great gift for those coffe, tea, and cocoa lovers in your life.

No more tepid, bitter coffee with this cozy cup warmer. Whether you're a coffee drinker or not, you'll fall in love with this little cup warmer. Plug it in at your desk or at home and keep that beverage or soup warm.

You had better get two of these coffee cup warmers. One for work and one at home.

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