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Creamery Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Spade.

Creamery Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Spade.
Creamery Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Spade.
This is the anti-freeze ice cream spade used at the creamery ice cream shops.
Weird, was our first reaction.  The ice cream spade was cool to the touch even in August.  When you put it to your ear and shook it, you could hear the anti-freeze compound thumping in the hollow handle.  We concluded that it was some kind of powder, not a liquid.

Did it work?  Yes, the ice cream slips right off the cool spade.  And it's a big, hefty spade that gives you the leverage to go to work on a hard block of ice cream. 

This is the kind of anti-freeze ice cream spades that the creamery ice cream shops use. 

When do you want an ice cream spade instead of a round scoop?  An ice cream spade works best in hard ice cream cutting through easily and scooping plenty.  It's easier to press the spade through the hard ice cream with force and leverage.  Save the round scoop for softer ice creams and to make round balls for ice cream cones.

Editor's Note: We have used a pair of these scoops for over a year and love them.  Though our kids sometimes slip them into the dishwasher, for the longest life of the anti-freeze compound, we recommend that you wash them in the sink, not the dishwasher.

You'll love this metal 8 1/2-inch ice cream spade with a cool anti-freeze compound.

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