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Candied Gingersnaps Cookie Mix

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  • Large 22-ounce mix makes 30 nice-sized cookies
  • Loaded with tiny, soft ginger pieces
  • Much more flavor than cookies made with ground ginger
  • Naturally sweetened with brown sugar and molasses
  • Easy instructions and satisfaction is guaranteed


These cookies are fabulous. Welcome to your new favorite cookies. They're made with little candied ginger pieces--a burst of flavor in every bite. The ginger is not harsh, just flavorful.

You've never had a cookie like these. And they're spectacularly good.  You'll absolutely love them.

And they're easy to make--just like the cookies you've always baked.

Pro tip: Cookies are best if they are not over-baked. To tell if they are done, take the first cookie off the pan a minute or so early. Set it on a rack. Lift the rack with the cookie up so you can see the bottom of the cookie.  It should be golden-colored, not brown.

There are some experiences in life we ought not to miss. These cookies are one of those. They are absolutely wonderful.

"Loved these. The candied ginger really adds to the flavor."  Sheila Stuart
"My Granddaughters love to make the mixes. Their favorite is the candied Gingersnaps." Peggy Morris
"Everything I have tried is two marks above excellent. All those that I have shared with have become customers."  Darryl Voss


Discover a whole new experience in cookies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
John Lyons
Ginger snap cookies

Easy to make. Turned out great. Everyone loved them.

Paula Wilde
Candied Gingersnaps

The cookies were crisp with that delicious ginger flavor.

Sheila Stuart
Candied ginger snaps

Love these cookies. They re sweet tasty and tangy . Just right.

Janet Dankert
The best!

My family's favorite mix. So delicious and it makes a huge batch.

Donna Kae Hall

I'm in the process of moving to Cedar Falls, Iowa, from Blue Springs, Mo. Cannot give you any reviews right now, I'm absolutely too bushed right now. Thanks.
Donna Hall