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Blueberry Sour Cream Pancake Mix (24 oz.)

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  • Just add water
  • Light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes
  • Loaded with blueberry bits that melt on the griddle for splashes of color
  • Deep wild berry flavor added for an intense blueberry flavor
  • A touch of sour cream added for extra tang

These are flavorful pancakes that don't get buried in the syrup. The flavor shines through, and with all the buttermilk, they are lighter and fluffier than ever. And they're gorgeous. The blueberry bits are like mini chocolate chips. They melt on the griddle with deep blue splashes of blueberry. They're as handsome as they are tasty. We think these are the best blueberry pancakes ever. See if you agree.

They make a world of difference: the blueberry bits, flavor, and sour cream. Who else does that? No wonder these pancakes are incredible.


Customer Reviews

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Susan Madden

This is a mix that is easily prepared. It seemed to have a lot of sugar, so when I make it again I may not use much syrup. Other than that, it was great.


I loved the Raspberry Sour Cream pancakes so was excited to try the Blueberry Sour Cream ones. I was very disappointed. They were tasteless and the blueberries turned rock hard where they touched the griddle.

Heather And Richard McCarthy
Delicious and easy

So yummy and easy to prepare!

Chad Clingman
San Francisco Sourdough changed

SF Sourdough was bland. We used to order it during the pandemic and it was the best bread mix hands down. We decided to order it again 3 years later and it has changed. Very bland, nothing like before after trying to loaves. Disappointed and no reason to order anymore

Paula Morrell

Love the sour cream pancakes. I purchase them every year for Christmas gifts as they are desired from family. Corn cakes are a favorite as well as the desert mixes.