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Coconut Brownie Cookie Mix

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What do you get when you cross a chewy coconut macaroon with a fudgy brownie?

You get the best of both!

We took our Seriously Fudgy Brownie Mix and our Cocncuut Macaroon Mix put them together and came up with a seriously good cookie mix. It's seriously fudgy like the brownies and full of sweet coconut from the macaroons.

Yeah, and it's seriously good.

And it's seriously fun too. Look what you can make with it!

It's hard to beat a chocolate cookie and a cold glass of milk. But chocolate cookies and ice cream might. Put ice cream between two cookies and you have an ice cream sandwich.

And once you start filling them, there is no end. Put frosting between cookies or marshmallow cream. How about Nutella or melted caramels.


Customer Reviews

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sad buyer

The picture on the package looks very appealing but a glance at the ingredients reveals the presence of Hydrolyzed something and Artificial Flavoring, so I threw it in the trash. What a disappointment.

Linda Phillips
Coconut Brownie Cookie Mix

These cookies are one of my husband's favorites. They are moist, chewy and have a rich chocolate flavor. Quick, Easy, Tasty

Kim Sato
It’s ok

Wasn’t a fan. The taste was ok.

Janet Eakins
Coconut brownie cookie mix is the best

Wow, bought this mix on a whim and are we glad we did. These are delicious! My husband quickly named them his favorite. They are chewy and full of chocolate and coconut flavors. Immediately ordered more mixes for my pantry. These are definitely worth a try!!

Sandra Bryant
My favorite cookie

This is my favorite combination, chocolate and coconut. It’s easy to make and always delicious.