Ramstadt Rich Dark Cocoa--Lg.16 oz.

-36% Ramstadt Rich Dark Cocoa--Lg.16 oz.

“This stuff is Amazing!”  Everything you bake will be better! We guarantee it!

“My family and friends deserve this INCREDIBLE chocolate!”--Michelle

People are throwing away their old cocoa and changing to the new:

“I even threw out National Brand X already!” 

  • What makes this better? Up to three times the cocoa butter makes it richer, more like chocolate instead of cocoa!  (It has 22 to 24% cocoa butter compared to 8 to 10% for most grocery store cocoa.)
  • It’s a great buy! You get a full pound so ounce-for-ounce, it’s probably less than you would pay for the ordinary stuff.
  • Twice as much cocoa! It comes in a 16-ounce Mylar zipper package. Most packages in the grocery store are 8 ounces. 
  • Only pennies per serving! A cup weighs about four ounces. So, if your recipe calls for ¼ cup and your gourmet cocoa costs $10, the chocolate in your recipe only cost 63 cents.  That’s only pennies per serving!

You deserve to bake with the best. Your time is valuable, and it costs so little to bake with the best.  It’s amazing what really good cocoa with three times the cocoa butter will do.

Your family and friends will love what you bake.  Just listen to what others say:

  • "I didn't really believe this cocoa could make THAT much of a difference, but boy was I wrong!" - Susan R.
  • "I was astounded at the difference between this and other cocoa." - Jan
  • "This stuff is AMAZING...cannot live without it!" - Sharon Meeuwsen
  • "What a difference [this cocoa] has made in my baking!" - Ann in CA
  • "An absolute must in all my baking." - K.B. in Ohio 
  • "Awesome stuff! . . . a whole new take in baking!" - Chris in OK

Read more reviews like these.

We’ve been selling this cocoa for ten years, thousands of pounds every year.  All these bakers aren’t wrong; you can bake with the best with confidence.

Because we guarantee our cocoa, give it a try. If it doesn’t “take your baking to another level,” we’ll give you your money back.

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